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One perplexing issue when it comes to food storage is what to do about bread. Obviously, most bread has a relatively short shelf life, and it's not possible to simply store loaves of bread for a long period. For the long term, you'll need to learn to bake your own bread and store the ingredients, or substitute other carbohydrates.

But many people are surprised to learn that there is such a thing as "canned bread". It's probably available at your supermarket, and it can be ordered online. This "bread" is actually more like cake. It is quite sweet, but it is also very good. You simply open the can at both ends, and push out the little "loaf" of bread. You slice it up as you would normal bread. I like it best toasted, and you can put a slice in the regular toaster.

Here are links to canned bread on Amazon. Again, a well-stocked supermarket will have this, often stocked near the baked beans made by the same company. If you can't find it in your local store, it is stocked by WalMart, and you can find it at this link at icon

Again, most of your carbohydrate needs will come from things other than bread, but this canned bread is a nice supplement. (And canned bread is reportedly one of Squidward's favorite foods.) For more information about food storage, visit the food storage basics page. You might also find some of the following products helpful:

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