Passing the California Driver's License Written Test

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I am the author of a study guide for passing the written test for the California driver's license or permit. Getting your driver's license requires two separate skills: You need to demonstrate that you know how to drive, and that is the function of the road test. But in addition, you need to pass the written test. And unfortunately, passing the written test doesn't necessarily have much to do with being a safe driver. As with many tests, the test proves that you know how to pass a test. If you're good at passing tests, then you won't have much trouble with it.

But for some people, the test can be challenging, because it often includes trivia questions. For example, the test often asks you what the penalty is for abandoning an animal on the highway. If you are like me, you probably have no intention of abandoning an animal, on the highway or anywhere else. Therefore, you have no real need to know what the penalty is. But to pass the test, you need to know the answer.

The test also contains a few trick questions. There's actually a good reason why trick questions are included. Some of the material is too easy, and if there were no trick questions, everyone would get the answer correct. For example, the test sometimes asks you what you're supposed to do at a stop sign. You already know that you are supposed to stop. Everyone knows that you are supposed to stop. Therefore, if the correct answer were "stop", nobody would get the question wrong. So to make sure that you are paying attention, this is turned into a trick question.

There are also a few questions that can be confusing. Many people taking the test get confused when it comes to questions about which way to turn your wheels when parking on a hill.

My book contains over 300 questions, which will be nearly identical to the questions you will find on the test. There are a few things you need to memorize for the test, and this book tells you exactly which facts you need to memorize. These facts are scattered throughout the official Driver's Manual. By knowing which of these trivia questions are likely to be on the test, the memorization will be much easier.

My book also talks you through the trick questions. After reading this book, you will be able to spot the right answers immediately, and not be confused by the trick questions.

Finally, my book will explain the confusing material, such as where to turn your wheels when parking on a hill. After reading this book, you will be able to spot the right answer immediately.

This book is based upon actual California written tests. It includes all of the material likely to be on the test. More important, it includes only the material likely to be on the test. You won't waste time learning extraneous material.

If you study this book, you will pass the test the first time.

This book is available as a Paperback from Amazon or directly from the publisher, or as a Kindle e-book version If you don't have a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle viewer for your PC or mobile device from Amazon.

If you want to make sure that you pass the test the first time, this is the book you need.

Richard P. Clem is an attorney and author who has written study guides for a wide variety of examinations. Hundreds have used these study guides to pass official examinations. More information is available at his Amazon author page

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