Life's Place in the Cosmos

by Hiram Percy Maxim, 1933

Hiram Percy Maxim wrote Life's Place in the Cosmos in 1933, and the book was published by D. Appleton and Company in that year. For many years, the book has been unavailable. Used copies sometimes surface at a very high price.

Life's Place in the Cosmos is described on Wikipedia as an "overview of contemporary science that surmised life existed outside of earth." Used copies are sometimes available on Amazon, but often at a high price.

Fortunately, this book is available in many University libraries and public libraries, as can be seen at this WORLDCAT link or this one. By adding your zip code to either of those pages, you'll be able to find the closest copy. If it's not available locally, you can ask your local librarian to get a copy through interlibrary loan.

A reader has informed me that the book is now available online in PDF format at the following link:

The book was copyrighted in 1933, and the copyright expired in 1961. I did a search of the copyright renewal records from 1960-62, and the copyright was not renewed. Therefore, the book entered the public domain in 1961. I decided to scan the book and make it available here. This is very much a work in progress. I'm adding chapters as I am able, and you will see that many of the pages here have scanning errors, which I am slowly correcting. To read the book, you may start at the Table of Contents

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