A previously unknown virus almost immediately kills most of the world's population. Only a handful of survivors remain, all isolated. This is their story. Independently, they need to take action to ensure their immediate survival. But just as importantly, they need to seek out the others who they know must exist.

I am the author of Caretaker, a post-apocalyptic novel.

The main character comes down with the flu on the way home from work and goes to bed as soon as he gets home. When he awakes, he realizes that he has slept for a few days. The power is out, the phone is dead, and not even the water is working. Something is terribly wrong, and he finally comes to the conclusion that most of the world's population is dead.

He takes steps to ensure his own survival, but then sets out to find other people. He uses his knowledge of radio to get an AM radio station on the air. Will anyone hear it?

Unlike many post-apocalyptic stories, this one contains very little violence (unless you count the author's having killed billions of people in the first chapter). The story is full of technical detail, but also action and romance. If you liked Alas Babylon or Earth Abides, then you will like Caretaker. Caretaker is available in Amazon Kindle format, and in paperback .

The paperback is available at Amazon. You may also order directly from the publisher. It is also available on Kobo icon and in a variety of formats at Smashwords.

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